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About the Conference

ESP is excited to announce that the International Laminitis and Podiatry Conference will become a yearly event. This year's conference will bring together veterinarians and farriers who have a concentrated focus on laminitis, lower limb lameness, and podiatry. It will feature some of the latest, and some not yet published, laminitis research. Clinical aspects of management and treatment of laminitis and other foot pathologies will also be covered. A round table discussion with our esteemed speakers will address questions and cases pre-submitted by attendees, as well as general questions and answers. One goal of the conference is for attendees to develop a more thorough understanding of laminitis with the most recent research, prevention and treatment protocols. The second goal is to facilitate advanced skills development related to not just laminitis, but also other foot pathologies and distal limb lamenesses. 

Lecture Topics


 Chris Pollitt BVCs, PhD

  • “Milestones of Laminitis Research”

  • “The Foot Mechanism Revisited”

  • “Reverse Engineering- Building the Hoof from The Cell Up”

  • ”Chronic Laminitis- The Enemy Beneath”

 Andrew Van Eps BVCs, Phd, DACVIM

  • “Lamellar Microdialysis – Myth Busting Blood Flow Theories in Laminitis”

  • “The Power of Distal Limb Cooling”

 Raul Bras DVM

  • “Practical Podiatry Approaches for the Laminitic Horse- Part 1”

  • “Practical Podiatry Approaches for the Laminitic Horse- Part 2”

 Amy Rucker DVM

  • “A Tribute to My Laminitis Heroes: My Approach to Laminitis Treatments Based on Advancements

        in Research Part 1”

  • “A Tribute to My Laminitis Heroes: My Approach to Laminitis Treatments Based on Advancements

        in Research- Part 2”


 Pat Reilly Chief of Farrier New Bolton Center

  • "Mechanical Considerations for the Lamanitic Foot"


 Courtney Lewis DVM

  • “Veterinarian and Farrier Case Presentations and Panel Discussions”


 Daisy Bicking

  • “The Farriers Role in Laminitis Rehabilitation”

 About ESP 

 ESP is a professional collaboration between veterinarians and farriers who will work to improve understanding and treatment of lower limb lameness and the equine foot. ESP is national organization covering the entire US and providing conferences, clinics, and other educational events. ESP is enhancing the professional collaboration between veterinarians and farriers by: focusing on the sharing of ideas and experiences with the ultimate goals of maintaining soundness in the horses we care for; improving communication and teamwork between the two professions; online discussions; educational conferences, lectures and events; and supporting evidence based lameness research. ESP also provides a Therapeutic Skills Assessment program for a podiatry certification that will set the standard within the industry. For more information, please take a look at our website and check back frequently as we are growing and scheduling upcoming clinics and seminars!

Aims and Objectives:

  • ESP will be recognized as the primary veterinary and farrier organization that focuses on lower limb lameness and podiatry.

  • ESP will work to improve understanding and treatment of lower limb lamenesses and the equine foot by incorporating locomotion and mechanics.

  • ESP will help veterinarians and farriers improve familiarity with the other's profession, increasing each member's knowledge base and skill set.

  • ESP will implement a Therapeutic Skills Assessment program for farriers signifying levels of knowledge and competence in the application of podiatry in lameness cases.

  • ESP will host regular clinics and seminars, wetlabs, and webinars to improve member knowledge and skills.

  • ESP will conduct and facilitate podiatry and lameness research.

  • To be a primary source of education, professional development, and skills advancement for members.


Special Dinner and Event on Friday Night 

Dr Chris Pollitt and ESP will host a special celebration and thank you to Dr Don Walsh and his wife Diana of the Animal Health Foundation. Don and Diana have contributed so much for the equine industry in the fight against laminitis, and we would like to show our collective gratitude to both of them! This will take place on Friday night following the day's conference. Please make sure to attend to show Don and Diana all your appreciation and thanks that they so deserve. All conference attendees are invited to join us as our guests. It will also feature a very special guest speaker!

Continuing Education Credits


It is hoped that this conference will receive continuing education AAVSB RACE Credits. 


Please check with your specific organization to see if this event will receive CE credits. 


Friday October 11th

8am-5pm:  Lectures and Round Tables

6:30pm-10pm Dinner and Ceremony 

Saturday October 12th

8am-5pm: Lectures and Round Tables

Finalized schedule with classes, topics, and times will be finalized over the next few weeks


Friday and Saturday Lectures:

Kennett Square, PA

Friday Night's Special Event

(location being finalized)


There are over 60 hotels within a 15 mile radius. Here are just a few.


Kennett Square, PA

  • Fairfield Inn

  • Hilton Garden Inn

West Chester, PA (5 minutes away)

  • Holiday Inn Express

  • Quality Inn and Suites


Philadelphia Int Airport

about 45 minutes from Kennett Square, PA

All major car rental companies are available at the airport

Shuttle service is available between most hotels and the airport

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